Dr.Sc. Matthias Zeeman
Land-Atmosphere Interactions in the Atmopsheric Boundary Layer

Research Interests

I investigate the processes that underlie the interaction between the land surface and the atmosphere.

The societal need for sustainable use of resources lead to questions about the effect of disturbances (environmental change, land management) on food production and air quality. The answers require in-depth knowledge about the mechanisms that control vegetation functions and land surface–atmosphere exchange.

My enquiries at the scale of landscape elements (ecosystems; natural and human-made) are precursor to making accurate predictions at the larger regional and global scales.

Research Activities

2017-09-01 » Experimental Campaign

[UC]² B-3DO Stuttgart Campaign 2017. Just completed an eight-month experimental effort on rooftops in the centre of Stuttgart, DE.
2017-01-15 » Research paper

Zeeman MJ, Mauder M, Steinbrecher R, Heidbach K, Eckart E, Schmid HP
"Reduced snow cover affects productivity of upland temperate grasslands" Agricultural and Forest Meteorology



Recent topics (selected)

Disseminated as Conference Proceeding (30+), Presentation (60+) or Miscellaneous (2+). See CV for a comprehensive list.

Refereed Journal Articles

  1. Greenhouse gas fluxes over managed grasslands in Central Europe
    L Hörtnagl, M Barthel, N Buchmann, W Eugster, K Butterbach-Bahl, E D'iaz-Pinés, M Zeeman, K Klumpp, R Kiese, M Bahn, A Hammerle, H Lu, L Ladreiter-Knauss, S Burri & L Merbold, Global Change Biology (2018)
  2. Vegetation Growth Models Improve Surface Layer Flux Simulations of a Temperate Grassland
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  3. Field intercomparison of prevailing sonic anemometers
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  4. Evaluation of energy balance closure adjustment methods by independent evapotranspiration estimates from lysimeters and hydrological simulations
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