Dr.Sc. Matthias Zeeman
Land-Atmosphere Interactions in the Atmopsheric Boundary Layer

Research Interests

I investigate the processes that underlie the interaction between the land surface and the atmosphere.

The societal need for a sustainable supply of resources lead to questions about the effect of disturbances (environmental change, land management) on food production and air quality. The answers require in-depth knowledge about the mechanisms that control vegetation functions and land surface–atmosphere exchange.

My enquiries at the scale of landscape elements (ecosystems; natural and human-made) are precursor to making accurate predictions at the larger regional and global scales.

Research Activities

2018-10-20 » Research paper
Zeeman MJ, Shupe H, Baessler C, Ruehr NK
"Productivity and vegetation structure of three differently managed temperate grasslands" Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment
2017-09-01 » Experimental Campaign

[UC]² B-3DO Stuttgart Campaign 2017. Just completed an eight-month experimental effort on rooftops in the centre of Stuttgart, DE.



Recent topics (selected)

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Refereed Journal Articles

  1. Productivity and vegetation structure of three differently managed temperate grasslands
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  2. On the calculation of daytime CO2 fluxes measured by automated closed transparent chambers
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