Dr.Sc. Matthias J. Zeeman

Research Interest

I am investigating the processes that underlie biosphere–atmosphere exchange at the local to regional scale. Of specific interest are the effects of disturbances in time (environmental change, management) on source–sink relationships in the carbon, water and nitrogen cycles of ecosystems, as well as the mechanisms of turbulent exchange with the atmosphere. Key notion is the importance of understanding the processes at the scale of landscape elements — ecosystems — first, in order to make accurate predictions at the larger regional and global scales.

For this interdisciplinary research I work with concepts, tools and theory from the fields of atmospheric sciences, biogeochemistry and plant–ecosystem physiology, combined with technological innovations and signal analysis.

Research Activities

2016-04-30 » Recent contributions

Including AGU, EGU, DACH (4x) and TERENO meetings. Currently coordinator for TERENO-ScaleX.
2015-07-10 » Experimental campaign

ScaleX 2015. With contributions covering three orders of magnitude.
2014-10-12 » Presentation
"Recent developments in the use of DTS to monitor atmospheric flows", AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 2014-12-18. Invited.



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