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I investigate the processes that underlie the interaction between the land surface and the atmosphere.

My enquiries at the scale of landscape elements (ecosystems; natural and human-made) are precursor to making accurate predictions at the larger regional and global scales.

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Currently, I am a researcher at KIT Campus Alpin. Interested in what I am working on? My publications are listed here. For articles, data and code snippets please contact me directly.


1 km

It takes less than 10 ns for light to travel 1 km and back. This makes light-based sensing very useful for observations in air or water, or glass. In fibre-optics, glass conduits are able to carry light across long distances. The photons in light are scattered by atoms, sometimes Raman-scattered, introducing detectable shifts in wavelength in relationship to the temperature. DTS is an opto-electronic technology for temperature sensing, using fibre-optic cable as a probe. If required, a very long probe.

Figure: Tomography by fibre-optic sensing reveals temperature structures and motion near the surface (DFG research; ScaleX)

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Land-Atmosphere Interactions in the Atmopsheric Boundary Layer

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